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Hoosierland Roller Rink has a passion for serving the Frankfort community and surrounding Clinton County residents by providing a fun, safe place for families and youth. With newly installed air conditioning, Hoosierland Roller Rink will now be open all summer. Come join our team of people committed to providing a great place to work and play.

Roles (no pun intended)

Hoosierland Roller Rink cares about creating a great experience for guests and staff. Becoming an employee at Hoosierland Roller Rink means you'll get paid breaks and free skating sessions in addition to a paycheck. We are looking for staff members who will join us in caring about a creating a great guest experience for all.

Snack Bar Associate & Party Host

This important role coordinates the party tables to ensure a great guest experience. The Snack Bar Associate provides a positive, friendly interaction to help guests stay refreshed. Attention to cleanliness and good customer service is goal of this role. 

Snack Bar Associates join all staff members in set up and clean up each shift.

Unless hired as a session supervisor, each staff member begins with instruction and time at the snack bar.

Skate Counter Associate & Floor Guard

This important role helps dispatch skates to guests, helps maintain skates, and maintain safety on the floor. The Skate Counter Associate provides a positive, friendly interaction at the Skate Counter and maintains a safe environment on the skate floor during sessions. The Floor Guard must be able to skate backwards, enforce rules related to safety, assist guests who fall, and help maintain the floor. Attention to guest safety is goal of this role.

Skate Counter Associates join all staff members in set up and clean up each shift.

Disc Jockey, aka DJ

The DJ does more than play music. The DJ is ultimately responsible to oversee safety on the skate floor. The DJ must have the ability to make announcements and communicate rules effectively. The DJ creates a family fun environment through organizing games, announcing birthday parties, and playing great music while incorporating guest requests.

The DJ must have computer skills to use ControlPlay software. Ability to create a safe and fun session is goal of this role.

The DJ joins all staff members in set up and clean up each shift.

Entrance Cashier

This important role first greets guests and answers questions. The Entrance Cashier ensures guests know the session times and purchase options. Attention to details and integrity with money handling is key to this role. Must be able to answer phones, maintain policies, and provide a professional, friendly atmosphere at the entrance.

The Entrance Cashier joins all staff members in set up and clean up each shift.

Session Supervisor

This important role ensures proper operations, supports staff, and provides a safe, positive experience for all guests. Session Supervisors must be able to manage multiple aspects of the property. Ability to use the computer is needed for this role. Previous supervisory or classroom management experience is preferred. A positive attitude and enthusiasm for the roller rink are needed for this vital role.

The Session Supervisor must show up on time, every time.

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