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The Ins And Outs of Hoosierland Roller Rink

  • Can I book a private party?
    Private parties are welcome at Hoosierland Roller Rink. Contact us to book a date and time.
  • Does Hoosierland Roller Rink accept cash or credit cards for purchases?
    Hoosierland Roller Rink accepts both cash and credit cards at the entrance and snack bar. Session tickets can be purchased in advance online by credit/debit card.
  • Can I bring food or drinks inside?
    Party groups are able to bring cake inside. Drinks are included in party bookings. All customers are invited to visit the concessions stand for food and drinks. No additional food or drinks are permitted inside.
  • Do you hold fundraisers or school events?
    Hoosierland Roller Rink will offer fundraising events for local schools and organizations beginning in 2024. We will offer special STEM events for students, with grant funding available. Watch for updates on our website and social media.
  • Do you offer skating lessons?
    We plan to offer skating lessons before the early Saturday kid's sessions beginning in January 2024.
  • Do you have discounts for parents, grandparents, and guardians who don't skate?
    Yes! While Hoosierland Roller Rink requires all customers under the age of 18 to purchase admission with roller skate rentals, we welcome parents, grandparents, guardians, and chaperones to the rink. A special $2 entry fee is offered for non-skating adults who accompany children.
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